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Questions and answers about ski skins

How do I best wax my ski skins?

Colltex offers accessories for two different waxing techniques: colltex ski + skin wax makes waxing your ski skin really easy: simply use the practical wax stick in the direction of the hair – that’s it. ski + skin wax is also suitable on tour. Or with colltex skinproof, a liquid waterproofing applied with a handy sponge, best at home.

What happens to the wax on your skis?

Ski waxes with fluorine, Teflon, silicone, or similar additives destroy the strength of the adhesive. That’s why brand new and waxed skis first need to be cleaned with a wax remover. Wax your skis with a neutral paraffin wax.

What to consider when hot waxing?

Hot waxing is the preferred solution for racers and competition skiers. Fix the skins on the skis and briefly warm the wax on an iron. Immediately apply the wax in the direction of the hair and iron the skin in the same direction with the waxing iron. Finally, pull the waxing iron over the entire area, from the tip of the skin to its tail.

What should I do to make my ski skins last as long as possible?

Taking proper care of your ski skins ensures that they will last a long time, and, above all, ensure absolute safety. To do so, colltex has an entire range of products for ski skins. NOTE: -Never expose them to great heat. -Keep them away from strong light and direct sunlight. UV rays damage the adhesive layer. -Dry them in a dark place at room temperature without a protective netting and never in the skin tote bag. -Exclusively store dry ski skins in the skin tote bag. -Never store wet ski skins in the skin tote bag.

How can I store the skins during the season?

After your tour, the ski skins will have to be dried. Pull off the protective netting from your bei PALÜ, TÖDI or PDG RACE skins and hang them up to drain and dry, but never near a stove or another source of heat. Also avoid exposure to the sun or strong light. Once the hotmelt adhesion-skinks like PALÜ, TÖDI or PDG RACE are completely dry, they have to be covered with protective netting. You can now fold them and store them in the skin tote bag until their next use. COMBIN and CLARIDEN: After drying, simply stow skins in the colltex skin tote bag. Store the skin tote bag in a dark and dry place.

How do I store the skins out of season?

If you will not use your ski skins for some time, we recommend, once you have dried and checked them, to fold them with the protective netting in-between in the skin tote bag and keep them in a dark and dust-free place at room temperature.

What to do about snow build-ups?

A build-up of snow or ice may occasionally occur due to extremely fluctuating temperatures. Even with colltex ski skins, this cannot be completely ruled out. As a preventive measure, we recommend using our ski + skin wax or skinproof . Both products have proven themselves and additionally improve the gliding properties. ski + skin wax is ideal on tour.

Problems with your ski skin on tour?

Our two practical “tour saviours” will help: colltex quickspray and quicktex. Warm the skins by holding them close to your body. This will facilitate attaching them. Pay heed to keep the ski coating clean and free of snow crystals. You need to firmly apply the skins to the ski coating.

How can I dispose of my old ski skins?

For its ski-skin production, colltex exclusively uses environmentally compatible materials. You can safely dispose of your old skins with your normal rubbish.

Can you re-coat any hotmelt-adhesive surface?

Yes. However, there are some things you should pay regard to: in case of heavily soiled surfaces, you will first have to remove the old adhesive surface with the Soldering kit and a spatula. Then choose the desired product for the re-coating: the hotmelt adhesive from a tube or the hotmelt tape for a total renewal. Using original colltex products is a must! They are matched and guarantee the best result. For minor repairs on the go, use our quickspray or quicktex . Caution! these products are not suitable for COMBIN and CLARIDEN!

DIY re-coating the new CLARIDEN skin

The CLARIDEN skin by colltex not only offers sensational features but you can re-coat it yourself. Easily, quickly, and without using any heat. A true world first by colltex. To apply a new adhesive layer, you only need the specially developed acrylate tape. Your specialist supplier has it in stock and can advise you.

Can I re-coat my COMBIN skin myself?

You can easily re-coat your COMBIN skin, the same as all colltex skins. However, you will need the special silicone adhesion by colltex. Your specialist supplier will have it in stock. The same adhesive is also suitable for repairing damaged or poorly adhering places. Before re-coating, be sure to remove dirt with a brush or pliers. Then apply a thin layer with the application brush and allow to dry for 6-8 hours.

How can I protect myself against risks?

“Safety first” is the principle that determines the development and production of all colltex products. We do everything in our power to provide you with a maximum level of safety. However, even the best product can only ever show its full capacity if it is properly used and cared for. We do what we can – but you can contribute towards your own safety if you pay attention to the facts listed below. Our ski skins allow you to access areas that may be dangerous. That’s why you should particularly avoid avalanche-prone areas. Correctly assessing such risks may be difficult even for experienced touring skiers. Best get your information from your local avalanche and weather service before your ski tour.
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